The Concept Group provides advisory services to the Healthcare Industry

We are a collaborative of former executives and senior leaders who have:

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Hands-on operational expertise
  • Broad business and functional acumen
  • Experience across multiple industry segments
  • Ability to support clients from operations to board relations

Our experience allows us to offer the benefit of providing immediate practical value to our clients as they address the significant challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

We have “been there, done that” which translates to minimal time required to “teach us your business” as is required with most other firms.

Integrated Practice Areas – Bringing the pieces together

We focus on services that are intended to provide the practical advice, tools and knowledge needed to meet today’s challenges in tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our practice areas include:

Care Delivery Group/Dental Support Organizations (DSO)
Strategic Opportunity Analysis
Market and Competitive Intelligence
Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement
Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions
Executive Development and Organization